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Boek Recensie: Heart-Beat (Joanne Carlton)

Carlton, Joanne - Heart-Beat

Auteur: Joanne Carlton
Engels – Paperback
355 pagina’s |Uitgever: Hamley Books|september 2017

ISBN10: 1549791052
ISBN13: 9781549791055


How far would you go to help the one who means the most? Sixteen-year-old Sam knows life will never be easy for her. Socially awkward and armed only with a brilliant mind and feisty character, she struggles with things that other teenagers find normal. Only her best friend Jasper really gets her.Eighteen-year old college student Jasper strives to be the perfect son to his successful parents, working himself to the ground to fulfill their wishes. Up until the point that he crashes when his heart fails.The best friends learn the devastating news that Jasper has a tumor embedded deeply into his heart and hasn’t got much time left. Devastated, Sam convinces him to pursue his ultimate dream: To sing in front of a live audience once before he dies. The friends head to London, where Jasper signs up for the ultimate singing competition.Knowing he has nothing left to lose, Jasper gives it all. As the competition progresses, his health deteriorates rapidly. Jasper is torn between leaving his family behind and following his heart. Sam struggles with the knowledge that they will have to say goodbye soon. In the end, both can’t help but wonder if pursuing the ultimate goal was worth the heartache after all.Heart-Beat is a heartfelt story about the ultimate friendship and making choices. If these were the last days of your life, what would you do?


Heart-Beat is weer eens iets heel anders van auteur Joanne Carlton ofwel S.J. Paul. Haar eerste avontuur in het Engelstalige land. Dit roman draait om een man die er achterkomt dat hij ongeneeslijk ziek is. Maar hij wil zijn laatste droom nog invervulling zien gaan al is het letterlijk het laatste wat hij doet. Een boek gevuld met een lach en een traan die je tot in de kern. Een kunstwerk.


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