Reading Books: Revisited: The Happy Couple (Samantha Hayes)

Auteur: Samantha Hayes
Engels – Epub
335 pagina’s |Uitgever: Bookouture|Mei 2020



Me and Will. Will and Me. A perfect match. He said he would always be there for me, but it’s been a year since he drained his coffee, walked out the front door and vanished.

Did he leave me? Or did something terrible happen? I’m scared someone finally found out about what happened on the drive home that night…



Weer een heerlijke thriller van Samantha Hayes. Een superspannend verhaal dat je laat gissen tot het einde. De personages komen tot leven op de pagina. Hayes weet weer een mooie puzzel te leggen met veel spanning en drama. Een Must Read.


Another suspenseful thriller written by Samantha Hayes. An exciting rollercoaster that lets you guess until the end. The characters come alive on the page. Hayes created a new puzzle full of excitement and drama. A Must Read.


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