World of Music: Revisited: 44/876 (Sting and Shaggy)

Artiest: Sting & Shaggy

Drager: Cd

Releasedatum: 2018


Een geweldige samenwerking tussen Sting en Shaggy zorgt voor een lekker zomers album die beide artiesten in een nieuw daglicht plaatst. Beide persoonlijkheden matchen perfect. Een heerlijk album.


44/876 met Morgan Heritage en Aidonia
Morning Is Coming
Waiting for the Break of Day
Gotta Get Back My Baby
Don’t Make Me Wait
Just One Lifetime
22nd Street
Dreaming in the U.S.A
Crooked Tree
To Love and Be Loved
Sad Trombone
Night Shift



Shaggy – vocals
Sting – bas dessus, bass, producer, backing vocals
Aidonia – lead vocals (1)
Morgan Heritage – backing vocals (1)
David Barnes – horn
Andy Bassford – guitar
Maggie Buckley – flute, saxophone
Kameron Corvet – guitar, producer
Shaun Darson – drum fills
Robert Dubwise – guitar
Dwayne Shippy – additional production, bass, guitar, instrumentation, keyboards, percussion, producer, sounds, string arrangements, backing vocals
Kennard Garrett – producer
Clark Gayton – mastering, trombone
Joel Gonzalez – horn
Gene Grimaldi – mastering
Shane Hoosong – additional production, drums, keyboards, percussion, producer, sounds
Zach Jones – drums, backing vocals
Geoffrey Keezer – piano
Heather Kierszenbaum – sounds
Martin Kierszenbaum – additional production, back cover photo, bass, clavichord, drums, editing, executive producer, Fender Rhodes, guitar, keyboards, organ, percussion, piano, producer, sounds, synthesizer
Tony Lake – engineer
Zachary Lucas – horn
Machine Gun Funk – drums, keyboards, producer
Branford Marsalis – saxophone
Steven “Lenky” Marsden – keyboards
Kamari Martin – backing vocals
Dominic Miller – guitar
Melissa Musique – backing vocals
Gene Noble – backing vocals
Salvador Ochoa – cover photo
Robert Orton – engineer, mixing, percussion, synthesizer
Danny Quatrochi – guitar technician
Dave Richards – bass
Glenn Rogers – guitar
Robbie Shakespeare – bass
Shaun “Sting International” Pizzonia – bas dessus, bass, drums, editing, engineer, guitar, instrumentation, keyboards, mixing, percussion, producer, sounds, backing vocals
Robert Stringer – horn
Eliot Sumner – vocals
Teflon – drums, keyboards, producer
Grant Valentine – assistant engineer
Nicole VanGiesen – photography
Liam Ward – art direction, design
Karl Wright – drums
Joan Campbell – actor


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