World of Music: Revisited: Body Count (Body Count)

Artiest: Body Count

Drager: Cd

Releasedatum: 1992


Anthrax en Public Enemy waren een trend beginnen door rap en hiphop te combineren. Ice T volgde het op met zijn rap metal band Body Count waarop heerlijke nummers staan. Je blijft op volle kracht mee bleren. Een top album.


Smoked Pork
Body Count’s in the House
Now Sports
Body Count
A Statistic
Bowels of the Devil
The Real Problem
KKK Bitch
C Note
The Winner Loses
There Goes the Neighborhood
Evil Dick
Body Count Anthem
Momma’s Gotta Die Tonight
Out in the Parking Lot
Cop Killer
Ice-T – Freedom of Speech



Ice-T – lead vocals
Ernie C – lead guitar, acoustic guitar
D-Roc the Executioner – rhythm guitar
Beatmaster V – drums
Mooseman – bass
Sean E Sean – sampler, backing vocals
Sean E. Mac – hype man, backing vocals
Guest musician
Jello Biafra – spoken word on “Freedom of Speech”


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