Reading Books: Revisited: Glenn Hughes The Autobiography: From Deep Purple to Black Country Communion (Glenn Hughes)

Auteur: Glenn Hughes Engels – Paperback 254 pagina’s |Uitgever: Jawbone Press|June 2010 ISBN13: 9781906002923


Singer, bassist, and songwriter Glenn Hughes is a living, breathing embodiment of British rock, and his is a compelling story. Starting out in the 60s with beat combo Finders Keepers, he formed acclaimed funk-rock band Trapeze, then joined Deep Purple at their commercial peak. Flying around the world in the band’s own jet, Hughes enthusiastically embraced the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. He played on three Purple albums, including the classic Burn. When Deep Purple split up in 1976, Hughes embarked on a series of solo albums, collaborations, and even a brief, chaotic spell fronting Black Sabbath. Along the way, he battled crack addiction and cocaine psychosis, before surviving a clean-up-or-die crisis and recovering to rebuild his solo career. Hughes recounts his adventures and misadventures with honesty and humor, bringing us up to date with the formation of rock supergroup Black Country Communion. Glenn Hughes is a true original whose music blends hard rock, soul, and funk. Once described by Stevie Wonder as his favorite white singer, he achieved international fame with Deep Purple and has since collaborated with artists including Tony Iommi, The KLF, and members of The Red Hot Chili Peppers. He formed his new group, Black Country Communion, in 2010.


Glenn Hughes is een van mijn muzikale helden. Een blik in zijn geschiedenis leek mij ontzettend intressant. Deze autobiografie gaat door de hele geschiedenis van de Voice of Rock. Van zijn begin dagen bij de band Trapeze tot aan zijn nieuwe band Black Country Communion. Een eerlijk en vol document. Als fan ben ik erg onder de indruk. Voor iedere muziek fan een must.


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